Two finishes are available to provide you with unbeatable results.

Identity Mosaic: Your image printed on the surface of the mosaic. Recommended for decorative applications on indoor walls. In order to maintain printing and varnishing properties intact, it is recommended to follow carefully the installation instructions provided in its packaging. Once installed, it should be maintained and cleaned with a soft cloth and multi-purpose cleaners or soap and water. Abrasive products, solvents or sponges that scratch may damage the shine and properties of the mosaic.

Identity Crystal: Your image printed on the back of a glass mosaic. The image is protected by the glass piece and the epoxidic protection of its base. Recommended for all types of applications, paving and walls, either indoors or outdoors, as well as in any place requiring highly resistant materials. Identity Crystal is totally impervious to the most aggressive cleaning products, chemical agents, surface and deep abrasion.

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